The Value of Committment 

We invest our time in our clients and building their substantial careers.

Client Focused 

We don't have corporate meetings, assistants or call screeners to make it tough for you to reach us.

We spend all of our time developing relationships with our clients, networks, news directors, general managers and consultants.  This makes us successful at placing clients in rewarding and challenging careers.

OTA Talent Agency stays involved even after we find you the perfect position.  That’s when the real work begins of refining your skills to prepare you for a successful future.  We think it is very important to continually review your work and find areas to make you more marketable.

Experience Breeds Results 

Having worked in newsrooms, we are experts at interpreting the market and ensuring our clients succeed.

OTA Talent TV News Agents


OTA Talent TV News AgentS


You will have one phone number that connects you directly to the agent who will help build your career.

OTA Talent Agency will keep you thoroughly updated on your career search.  We will talk frequently during the process.  As soon as a hiring manager expresses interest in you, or asks about your availability, we will call you to discuss, and plan a strategy.  

OTA Talent Agency is focused on building a successful career for you.

We pride ourselves in helping develop our client’s skills.  We will even help you with ideas on how to develop sources that provide powerful lead story ideas, and share with you the places to look for stories that will lead to awards.

OTA Talent Agency knows the media business.  If you tell us about your “killer live shot and lead pkg that you cut into a vo/sot for the morning show,” we know exactly what you mean. We understand when you say you have “a couple of HFR days this week to work on sweeps.”

When searching for a TV News Agent, make sure you find the proper match with an agent who will transform your career in the immediate and long-term future.

Strategic and Optimized 

  We provide ultra-personalized service - representing people, NOT quotas.

OTA Talent will only sign you as a client if we truly believe we can help you and accelerate your career.  We base this decision on your work, combined with what networks, news directors, general managers and consultants tell us they need now and within the next year.

Once you become a client, OTA Talent’s priority will be to help you maximize your career goals.  If you tell us you want to be an anchor/hard news reporter, we will not submit you for a feature multi-media journalist position.  If you only want to live on the East Coast, we will not send your material to California.  If you want to work in your home market, we will develop a strategic plan to accomplish that goal.

OTA Talent is always available to speak with you.  We are also available by e-mail and text, even on weekends.